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Who's Representing Your Interest

Who's Representing Your Interests?

Our opinion?  Everyone should have their own coach and one coach cannot be fair when representing two teams.  
Much like one attorney cannot represent both the defendant and plaintiff.

The State of Alaska requires that all licensed real estate professionals provide consumers with the
Alaska Real Estate Commissions Consumer Pamphlet. The link below is the current form from the State of Alaska website.

State of Alaska Real Estate Consumer Pamphlet

The best explanation of the State of Alaska form is to correlate it with sports and coaching.

  • You can have Specific Assistance from a coach, but you make your own choices.  The coach just tells you the rules of the sport and
    fills out the roster as you say.
  • You can have Representation from a coach for just your team. The coach provides you their best representation and looks out for only your team. 
    Each team (buyer and seller) has their own coach.
  • You have a one Neutral coach providing Specific Assistance to both teams.


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