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What is a Virtual Tour and What are the Differences

The term virtual means not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

  • Video - The only issue with a video is the camera goes by something and you have to rewind. The other problem is if you want to look up or down, at any point in time, it's not an option.
    You must move at the videos pace and in the direction it travels.

  • Slide Show - The pictures are set in an order and scrolled through systematically. There is a feeling of physical existance by making the picture pan or zoom in and out.

  • Zillow 3D Tour - This is a very interactive tour and provides the ability to go at the viewers pace.

  • Facebook, Facetime or Live Video - these have a very narrow field of vision. The pace is somewhat comfortable, but you quickly loose perspective of the space and quality of detail.

  • Matterport 3D Tour & Dollhouse View - This is the best option for interaction. Giving the subject the ability to see the entire layout with the Dollhouse View and floor plans*.
    The floor plan accuracy is between 0 - 2% of reality. The field of view for the pictures provides excellent perspective and interaction.

The biggest difference in these four options is the control. The other item to note is the slide show and Zillow 3D Tour originate with photos.
The detail of the 360 is good, but not to the accuracy of Matterport scans. 

Benefits of Virtual Tours

  • Fewer Gawkers - Those buyers, neighbors or other sellers get what they need and move on.

  • Out of Town or International Buyers - Buyers only have a small window of opportunity, can qualify the home quickly and determine if the
    property is a good fit.

  • Buyer Showings - 3D tours give potential buyers a good feel for the floor plan and flow of the home. If the home’s layout doesn’t appeal to a particular buyer,
    they’ll know it without having to waste anyone's time with a showing.

  • Increase Interest - The tours often build up interest at the same time, providing the opportunity for multiple offers.

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