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Anchorage Alaska Seller Easy Exit Clause

The Logan Team
Anchorage Alaska REALTORS

What is the biggest fear you have when listing your Anchorage or Eagle River Alaska home with a real estate professional?

“You don’t want to be locked into an agreement with someone who is not doing what they have promised they would do!”

It is for you that we have created the Easy Exit Listing Clause.  Some associates will lock you into a listing contract to sell your
home by making promises that either they can not or will not keep.

That simply is not how The Logan Team, Anchorage Alaska REALTORS works.  We will provide a marketing plan, in writing, and
if for any reason we are not fulfilling our promises to you, you may cancel your listing agreement with us at any time.

Many associates feel that if they offer an Easy Exit Listing Clause, Anchorage and Eagle River homeowners will make “deals”
behind their back with a buyer and cut them out of receiving a commission.   That is not a fear that we have.  We look forward
to providing you with a level of service that is so exceptional that we are confident in offering this type of guarantee.

Once this is signed, you may, at your discretion, tear up our listing agreement whenever you want to, no questions asked, no
answers needed.  Simply let us know so we can cancel your listing agreement and take you out of the Multiple Listing Service.



The Logan Team:                                                                                                      Date:                                         


Client Name:                                                                                                              Date:                                                               


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